You’re Not Ugly, You’re Just Lost!

“Hustle Never Stops”

Yes! you read it correctly, it’s never about how you look it’s always about whether you feel confident in that look or not. So it’s all started in 2016 when I was in 11th standard. I was in the science section because I’m one of those students who chose the science stream after scoring an excellent CGPA in 10th (Mine was 10 lol). I was a Bookworm with a misconception that I’ll score good marks with ease as I did in the previous class. My journey of transformation started around the month of November when the farewell was only 2 months far. You guys must be wondering it’s a story of school time, Does it include the lady love? well, yes it does. I was crushing on a girl from 8th standard. Being a shy person it took me more than 3 years to have the guts to confess my love to her. Life’s not a fairytale and happy endings ain’t a part of this. Everything that happened at that moment was unexpected, I confessed my feelings to her and in addition to saying no to the proposal, she disrespected me. She used to look good, having a number of guys falling for her. she said “Why would I say yes to a person like you, just look at me once and then look at you. How dare you to propose me, you’re so ugly and unconfident”. I already told you that I was only into studies at that time so all I had was good grades and unbiased pure love for her. But it all went in vain, I got broken, I cried for the first time for a girl. See the beauty of first love is it’s the purest among all you ever have in your life. We were in the same class I started feeling anxious in front of her, I couldn’t even look at her. The news about us spread like a fire in our class and then in the whole school. For a guy who was only into academics, it was something really shocking. I didn’t have the guts to see those faces again. All I had was the support of some big brothers and friends and that was more than enough for this whole journey. As a kid, you live with a misconception that to build a muscular body you just have to join the gym. You’re unaware of the sacrifices, hard work, and dedication it takes. I was broken and full of anxiety, I wanted to do something which helps me to forget the things that happened to me earlier. I’d nothing to lose so I started working out I was really thin and doing a single pushup sounded like a big task to me. My brother who was the coach of the same gym was the only constant I had on my entire journey.

I was in 11th standard and the exams were near. I’d 3 different tuitions at different areas for PCM respectively. After attending school and having 2 tuitions on the same day it was really tough to have the energy to hit the gym. That’s where I decided that it’s now or never, I skipped my tuition classes, sometimes I used to go in there a little late. I was only consistent with the gym and as everyone says “Hard work pays off”. An year passed, now I was in 12th standard but the only difference was in my personality now I was the best version of myself. I was confident enough to say anything to anyone now or to perform anything on stage. I started taking part in various cultural events, i went to a lot of debate competitions. People of my school started recognizing my name as I received numerous awards on the stage from our principal. But now these awards were not only restricted to academics, but they were also from the sports field too. The same girl who disrespected me in 11th proposed me in front of the whole class. Whatever happened next I’ll tell you in some other story. But it’s never too late to focus on yourself, invest the maximum time in this process, make yourself your priority, and last but not the least never forget the thing which keeps you motivated in the process.




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Sunny Rana

Sunny Rana

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